What I Love Most About Christmas

Have you noticed how people are always different in December? I notice, every single year. People change. We become happy. We become kind. It’s almost like we all turn into the grinch when his heart grows three sizes. This is what I love most about Christmas. The weather is cold. The sun is down on the way to work and on the way home. Same weather as January, but yet, in December, people are jolly.

Most people love Christmas, except for the few Scrooges of the world. It brings joy to most people. People hold doors for other people. We look up from our phones. We look strangers in the eye and say “Merry Christmas!” Exactly how we should act most of the year. Christmas changes how we act. Acting like Christ turns into the norm. This is why, every year, I’m ready to start Christmas as soon as the weather starts chilling. I’m excited for the happiness in the world and that is why I will never apologize for being a Christmas in July type of person.

Now, of course I have numerous other things I love about Christmas. We take the month of December off from homeschooling and just enjoy life. We play games, bake, and make crafts. That’s probably my 2nd favorite thing about Christmas.

I love the lights, the food, the music. All the traditional Christmas things.

However, nothing compares to people’s spirits changing.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it.

So, why does this have to stop December 26th? I have a mission for you in 2020. Let’s keep the Christmas Spirit alive. Let’s keep looking strangers in the eyes and smiling. Spend some more time sharing meals and playing games. Games that require a board and not a phone. Let’s get back to what is really important in life because when we are laying on our death bed, I’ll bet we are wishing for more Christmas like memories. Let’s light the candles, get the hot cocoa made, and cuddle up. And don’t allow your heart to shrink back into its original grinch size.

And also, if you need to keep your Christmas tree up to keep you in the jolly mood, well, I’m not judging! ?


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