Hands down, these are my favorite way to make mashed potatoes.

This version of mashed potatoes is made in an instant pot. I own Pampered Chef’s version of the instant pot which has a delay setting and a keep warm setting, so it works perfect as a food that I don’t really need to think about. I have to give credit to a wonderful southern gal that actually taught me how to make these. Not only are they delicious, but they are much easier to make than stove top and it requires less dirty dishes. Win-win. These are a great side dish for pretty much any meal.


5 lbs. potatoes, peeled (if you choose) and diced

4 cloves of garlic, minced

1/2 cup sour cream

1/2 cup whole milk or heavy whipping cream

1 stick butter

1 cup chicken broth


To prep this the night before, peel and dice your potatoes then rinse. Put the potatoes in your instant pot bowl and cover with water. When ready to cook, strain the water and get going!

Put the potatoes, garlic, and chicken broth in instant pot bowl. I fill my bowl up to the ‘max fill’ line with potatoes. I think a 5 lb. bag usually does it. If you end up having leftover potatoes, well than, that’s only a bonus. Set your settings. On mine, I push custom, then time, then 7 minutes. Start and then walk away.

If your instant pot has settings for delay, you can delay its cook time. It takes about 45 minutes from start to finish, including coming to pressure. You can start it in the morning and if you have a ‘keep warm’ setting, you can just let your potatoes hang out. Another option is to have it ready to go and just push start an hour or so before it’s time to eat.

When your potatoes are done, you can choose to release the steam or let it release naturally. I haven’t found a difference. Mash up your potatoes and then add your sour cream, milk, butter, and salt. Now, these things are totally adjustable to your taste. If an entire stick of butter is too much, well then, don’t use that much. I’m just telling you what I use to make it taste amazing.


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