November 1st is the day we started decorating for Christmas. I love Christmas. Not just a little love. Like, it’s the greatest thing since homemade bread. I have some mixed feelings about Thanksgiving. I know I should use the month to think about what I’m truly thankful for. However, my love for Christmas overrides it. It’s uncontrollable and I won’t apologize for being a Christmas music blasting annoyance.

Now, that’s out of my system we can get back to Thanksgiving. It’s right in the middle of rifle season around here. Kind of an inconvenience. I wouldn’t be sad if we moved Thanksgiving to January or February. I’m ready to head up that petition if any of you are willing to sign it. Then, I think I could love thanksgiving. Quite honestly, I feel like being an American has ruined Thanksgiving for me. Black Friday starts Thanksgiving night, where Americans punch each other in the face to get good deals on things that we are just going to throw away in a few months or a few years. And all this happens just hours after saying how thankful we are. I just can’t take it seriously anymore. Maybe I will feel different when I’m older though and I don’t spend every waking hour with my family. When I only get to see them on the holidays.

Seriously though, I do enjoy the day of Thanksgiving. Not because of the heart-felt reasons, but because I love food. I’m not going to lie and say that my favorite part is family getting together and all that sappy stuff. That stuff is nice, but I really like food. I enjoy cooking the big meals that bring the families together. I enjoy hosting. I enjoy the chaos of it all. I honestly think it’s a gift. I grew up where anything that involved this stuff, involved stress. Most families I know actually, the mom is always stressed about the cleaning and the cooking leading up to these kind of days. Not me. I stress about days that don’t matter and things I shouldn’t. I am unusually calm on things that should be stressful. Then, I enjoy the eating.

I know what kind of things I am going to cook. I know how to plan it out so almost everything is prepped the day before and then day of just involves popping some things in the oven or crockpot or instant pot. My thanksgiving menu is just this: Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, bacon wrapped asparagus, green bean casserole, gravy, and buns. I don’t mess with making the pumpkin pie. My father-in-law does that.

In the next few days, I’m going to be giving you the recipes that I use to make all these things. Things you can prep the night before to make your Thanksgiving a little less insane. Since you listened to my Thanksgiving soapbox, I think I owe you that much! 🙂

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